Seafood saute
Seafood saute
310 g
Octopus tentacles, scallop, tiger prawns, squid, rapeseed, mussels, double cream, Dorblu, parmesan, white wine, shallots, ciabatta toasts

Seafood is a real exotic that needs to be pampered more and more often. And there are several reasons for this: it is insanely tasty, healthy and quite low in calories. All seafood is rich in easily digestible protein, vitamins and macronutrients.

The only thing is that seafood is quite capricious in its preparation, but leave this part of the work to us. Our honeycomb includes the most popular and sought-after ingredients: octopus tentacles, squid, scallop, tiger prawns, rapa beans and mussels.

We carefully cut, add cream, Dorblu cheese, Parmesan, of course, you can't do without white wine and shallots. Ready! It remains to add sauté croutons with ciabatta and can be served. Taste each type of seafood, get a taste of it, take your time, just enjoy each bite individually.