Gourmet cheese plateau
Gourmet cheese plateau
220 g
Parmesan, Dorblu, camembert, goat cheese

Are you going to relax with your friends? Do you want to indulge yourself with something truly exquisite? Or maybe a romantic evening? Then you urgently need to order a PLATO OF GREAT CHEESES.

It includes the most popular cheeses that are ideal with white or red wine, champagne, cognac and other alcoholic beverages.

PARMESAN is an Italian hard cheese, it ripens for a long time, so the crumbly structure is always with it.

DOR BLUE - cheese with a blue mold, quite bright taste, tart, softer in structure and more oily.

CAMAMBER - soft cheese of light or light creamy color, rather fatty, delicate in taste.

Goat cheese is a young cheese made from cow's milk, more neutral in taste, viscous in structure.

Choose your favorite taste or discover each type of cheese for yourself, we recommend eating with nuts, honey and grapes.